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About The Author

Michael Stankiste

Image of Michael Stankiste, author of Living With A British Host Family

Michael Stankiste has led a varied life.

After starting out as a trainee manager for one of the largest retailers in Britain, he decided that a career change was needed when he was in his early twenties. He had always wanted to be involved in sales, and soon found this was his niche. Within a short time, he was able to become sales director of a start up manufacturing company, which within twelve years was successfully sold to a London based PLC.

Although corporate life wasn’t for him, he continued selling for smaller manufacturing companies. In later years he became a freelance operator, selling on commission only terms. He soon found that provided he became passionate about the products he was selling it was a way of life that he loved. No basic, no company car, no expenses, no security, just his personality and determination to provide for his family. And of course a great way to observe human life in all its formats!

Throughout his working life, numerous people commented on Michael’s ability to create great written pieces, whether it was sales letters, content for brochures, or simply writing to those clients who needed a prompt to pay their invoices! The phrase "You should do that for a living" was repeated time and time again. And so that’s exactly what he did.

Calling upon his vast experience of travelling in Britain and Europe, he decided to write about the things he has seen. Some serious, some light hearted, some laughable, but always with a human touch that can only come from observing life in all its formats.

Michael now creates and works from his home in the lovely seaside town of Broadstairs. He is married to Marian, has two daughters Maeve and Megan, each of whom has two children of their own.